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About Barbershop

We started the barbershop story in 2018 in order to offer you the best hairdressing and barbering services in Cluj Napoca. The right haircut helps you feel good and confident in any situation.

With us you can opt for several types of haircuts such as: zero haircut, ivy league, caesar haircut, faux hawk / spice hair, pampadour, quiff, mullet haircut, undercut, fade. We also offer shaving services or skin treatments as well as designed for men.

Do you have an important meeting, a social event or do you want to look good every day? Trust our specialists! Our mission is to offer you a complete experience, not just a haircut!

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Premium location of 400 sqm in Cluj Napoca

Care services in general, regardless of their type, require above all a great care for your comfort. Because we think of you and your needs, we offer a wide range of special men's grooming services in a special, central location in Cluj, so that you don't have to waste a lot of time in traffic or have difficulty getting there.

In our salon you can enjoy all the services you need to look and feel great about your appearance at all times.

  • Men's haircuts - we create all types of haircuts, modern or classic, adapting their shape and appearance according to the features of the face.
  • Groomed beard - washed, brushed and trimmed for a neat look.
  • Cut with a number - haircuts tailored to the length requirements of clients.
  • Fade haircut - modern haircuts, for elegant and mysterious men.
  • Shaving - modern shaving in a barber shop with an emphasis on comfort.
  • Beard styling - with emphasis on shape and style.
  • Dyeing men - using professional, long-lasting products.
  • Facial care - professional facial beauty services for men for added comfort.

We don't neglect services for children either, as we do haircuts for children according to their or their parents' wishes, offering modern haircuts, perfect for school or different events.

We have designed the space so that we can reserve the entire ground floor area of the building for men. Aici te așteaptă un barber shop modern, în care să te bucuri de un bărbierit cu prosop cald și de un tuns bărbați pentru un aspect îngrijit. In addition, you can enjoy special treatments that will give you comfort at the highest level.

We are waiting for you in a premium location in Cluj Napoca where you can find your style and feel at the centre of attention. Get out of your usual routine and choose the care that defines you and brings out your personality.


Frequent questions

  • It is very easy to make an appointment at the barbershop. The simplest method is to use the online version. To be able to program online, all you need is your phone number. All you have to do is choose the barber, the service you want and the date. Enter your phone number after which we will send you a confirmation code. All you have to do is enter the code you received in the message and you're done. Scheduling is confirmed.

  • Surely. Although it will take longer until we confirm the appointment, you can use the classic methods to schedule yourself at Salon Transilvania.

  • At the barbershop you will find hairdressing services, barbering, men's haircuts, children's haircuts, hot towel shaving, hair treatments, beard dyeing, gray hair dyeing and much more. If you want to know more about the services offered by our barbershop partners, we invite you to access: Services

  • Each partner has the opportunity to set up their own price list. It is very important for us that these prices are transparent so that you know exactly how much the chosen service costs before you make your appointment. You can find all the prices on the profile of each partner here: Partners

  • We have only one location and this one is in Cluj Napoca on Republicii Street 105. Our space is positioned in a luxury area of the city in the Zorilor neighborhood.

    The space has an area of approximately 350 square meters, a garden right on the main street and a covered garden in the back. The icing on the cake is the terrace on the building that offers a panoramic view of the city. Recently I introduced a small coffee shop right in the front garden for you to enjoy the best specialty coffee.

  • In case you can't reach the appointment, please cancel the appointment using the information received in the message. However, if you do not cancel the appointment and do not reach the appointment, we consider that this is a lack of respect for the time of our partners, as a result you will NEVER be able to schedule at the barbershop with any partner.

  • At the barbershop you benefit from a 15% discount on any service if you are a student in Cluj Napoca. You also benefit from a discount at our cafe.