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Men's Shearing

It`s been a long time since adopting a man`s haircut was just about shortening your hair. At our Barber Shop Cluj, a men`s haircut is a ritual in itself, a necessity of the present where the focus is on men`s need to look good at all times

Because we love what we do we come to you with professionals in the field who take into account all the variables: face shape, hair length and personal style of each client. We also pay attention to your needs and respect your need to enjoy a haircut with personality that reflects your own individuality.

We know every men`s haircut in the modern sphere, but also every detail about classic haircuts. We know that most of today`s haircuts have their roots in styles of the past, so we strive to keep alive the styling peculiarities that can make a simple haircut a true mode of expression

We don`t just rely on the ideas our clients bring to us, we are proactive and believe in offering a complete service, including consultancy. We therefore offer advice on haircut choice as well as advice on hair care

We like to offer more than just haircuts because we believe in enjoyable experiences that you always come back to with pleasure. We believe in the idea of a dedicated barber, who knows your facial features and style and with whom you can get along at a glance. A hairdresser you always come to with pleasure and choose for the quality of service they provide.

Baby haircuts

Children, like adults, need tailored haircuts that suit their style, personality and facial features. We are different, and based on this we need haircuts that highlight the aspects that define us. The same goes for children, who don`t need haircuts to wear as uniforms, but as true statements of personality.

Modern haircuts have different shapes and specific elements of personalisation. To make them requires dexterity, but also professionals who can put them into practice with ease, working on any age group.

Making a haircut for children can be a challenging process, but for us and our stylists there are no impediments. We have learned over the years to be patient and listen to the needs of children. We know they don`t like to stay too long in one place so instead of giving up the fight, we`ve honed our patience and dexterity. We do children`s haircuts for short or long, straight or curly hair. For every hair type we have the right solution, a special haircut that your child will feel comfortable with

We therefore create children`s haircuts according to their preferences and we strive to please them, precisely to make the process a truly memorable experience, to which the little ones will always return with pleasure.

We look forward to scheduling your child for the right haircut that brings out the fine features of your child`s face. Whether you want a school-appropriate haircut or a modern, on-trend haircut, all you have to do is call our stylists. We make children`s and teens` haircuts for every preference.

Beard grooming

A man`s masculinity can be seen not only in his actual dress, but also in the elements that accessorize it. Along with the right haircut, beard grooming is imperative to defining a man`s appearance.

Beard grooming is one of the services you should never do alone. Apart from the fact that you can make a mistake and ruin the neat appearance of your beard, it should be done in a professional setting by experienced staff.

Whereas in the past barbers were confidants and socialites for an entire community, today they are more than that. They are people you feel comfortable with and who build a real social experience for clients

While there are a plethora of tutorials from which you can learn how to groom your own beard, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy complete comfort and total pampering. With our beard grooming service we offer you a great look, customised to your facial features and also in line with modern trends

The beard has now become a way of expression, a way of highlighting the shape of the face, the eyes and the chosen haircut, so that they all work together for a distinctive masculine look. The beard is mysterious and elegant, it is manly and exudes virility, but last but not least it is unique, despite the arrangement that may seem similar. After all, even haircuts look alike, but the same haircut on one man can look completely different on another

Contact us to set up an appointment and transform your look into a sensational appearance full of masculinity and mystery. Call on our specialists and transform your beard into the perfect way to express yourself

Cut with a number

When you go to a hairdresser, you need to know what you should ask for, depending on your preferences. One size cut, or one number cut, is defined as getting a smaller number cut using the clipper grill of the clipper.

Thus, the trim number is related to the length of hair and the numbers printed on the clipper. The lowest clipper number is 0, followed by a progressive increase. The number 0 is the shortest haircut, which exposes the scalp the most. Likewise, haircut number 1 is short, and with each number the hair length increases.

Of course, these are details that our professionals know very well so you don`t have to calculate or approximate the size you need. You will also be able to ask for help in choosing the right haircut, taking into account your physiognomy and personal style

One size cut is an option you can always have at your fingertips and rely on to keep up with modern trends. Always current, a one-size-fits-all cut can be easy to maintain even without requiring a lot of effort or time.

Call on our professional single-number haircutting services and enjoy the comfort of quality care in a relaxed setting. We respect your choices and help you choose the right haircut for you, so you can best highlight your masculine side.

Fade haircut

We know that in recent years there seems to have been a lot of emphasis on the development of female haircuts, but you should know that male haircuts have not been excluded from this amalgam either. One of the most popular modern haircuts is what is called the `lost haircut`, a haircut that best enhances masculine features

A loose haircut is always a good choice when you want to highlight your personality in the most obvious way. A relaxed haircut is the simplest haircut you can enjoy, but also one with the easiest maintenance.

The fade haircut, also known as a lost haircut, is a haircut that involves shortening the hair on the sides and back, leaving the cap at a slightly longer length. The hair can then be styled over the head, with a side or side-part, or simply lifted up to the bangs and secured with a suitable styling product

There are different variations of this type of haircut as it is particularly versatile and permed, which can enhance any face conformation and head shape. Your stylist can help you enjoy the right haircut no matter what style you adopt, so you can enjoy a haircut that`s right for every event or item of clothing you opt for.

Our specialists are the perfect choice when you need a special, always fashionable haircut to suit your style. Make an appointment and opt for a fade haircut or a loose haircut and enjoy its special features, always in line with modern trends.


For a while home shaving was heavily promoted as part of media campaigns drawing attention to special razors. Nowadays, however, shaving as it used to be is being promoted again, in specialised barber shops, where the process becomes a real experience.

In our salon, shaving itself is not just the removal of the beard. For us it is a way of treating our customers in the most elegant way, so that they always come back to us with pleasure.

We use professional products for shaving and we pay attention to hygiene requirements. We know that shaving is not just a normal male need as part of a grooming routine, but a true statement of freedom and independence.

We are professionals and believe in the symbolism of shaving, so we give each client the respect they deserve. In addition, we offer advice on facial contouring and shaving according to specific facial features, so that you can enjoy the most distinctive look.

We know that for some men style is important so we are also prepared for situations where shaving involves the art of preserving certain beard shapes and even the moustache. We`re good with a razor and strive to make every shave look flawless.

Shaving is not a fad, but a necessity of the present in a world that values appearance and constant maintenance. So we prepare the process by always taking care to offer you comfort and safety. We use only quality products that do not harm your skin and do not cause irritation or other problems.

Choose to enjoy a great experience and schedule your shave at our salon now. Men need grooming too, so take care of yourself and your face.

Beard styling

The beard has recently become one of the most elegant and stylish male accessories. In order to enjoy a flawless beard look, it is necessary to turn to professionals who will take care of styling and grooming.

Styling your beard is important because it shows your dedication to always looking impeccable. Beards can be styled in many different ways and sometimes you can express your personality with it. There are a variety of styles that you can use to enhance your features, so you can ask our professional stylists to help you.

Styling is more than just trimming and grooming your beard. The process involves washing, combing and styling your beard so that it looks flawless. It also requires trimming, so that hard-to-sit strands don`t ruin the grooming created. Each of these steps requires preparation, and in our salon you`ll find an oasis of comfort and a special experience you won`t forget.

All these things go into styling your beard, and in our barber shop you can enjoy a great experience, encumbered by customer care. Our motto is to give our customers all the comfort they need, with a special focus on appearance and the needs they have.

We look forward to you contacting us to set up the desired appointment together. The beard is an element of expression in itself that should not be left to chance. Respect yourself and take proper care of your beard to bring out your masculine side

Dyed Men

Hair color is particularly important, especially when talking about first impressions. Contrary to popular belief, it`s not just women who should enjoy hair colour rejuvenation services. Although it may seem like a service designed for women, even men need to feel appreciated and cared for, and hair colouring and tinting are particularly important steps.

That`s why our services also include colouring for men, which is designed to cover up white hairs caused by the natural ageing process. We use only professional products in our salon that guarantee a great look in accordance with our clients` requirements.

We know how important hair is. Hair can totally change the way a person looks, and variations in colour or inappropriate colour can be rectified with the help of a hair dye service.

We do colour correct services for every hair shade, so you`ll find our salon an ally against greying hair. We emphasize naturalness, so that the end result will satisfy you completely

Men`s hair colouring is life changing, so you should consider this option if you always want to enjoy a fashionable look and hair that always looks healthy. Don`t forget that dyed hair also looks much better if it`s cut properly, so you`ll be able to shave a few years off the age of your physiognomy with the help of men`s dyeing services.

Choose to enjoy a quality experience and a change in your life. Come to our salon to enjoy quality services performed by professionals using products specially designed for men.

Face care

Men, as well as women, need professional facial care services in both the hot and cold seasons, when the skin suffers most. Facial skin is constantly exposed to external factors, and for this reason it needs the most effective care possible

In addition, beyond exposure, a man`s facial skin is also damaged by the shaving process, so the needs increase compared to a woman`s complexion. Of course, even a man`s skin suffers from ageing, so wrinkles and a decrease in collagen can occur.

In our salon we deal with everything that involves facial rejuvenation for a man. Cleansing the complexion, facial massage or the application of a mask, each of these steps are designed to improve the appearance of men`s skin.

Men need to take advantage of these facial care services because they, like women, work in high-exposure, high-profile areas where there is a huge emphasis on appearance. It is therefore vital, especially if you work in stressful fields, to seek the services of a barber shop that understands your needs

Grooming a man`s face is different from grooming a woman`s face. Without the need for a multitude of procedures, surgery or other specific rejuvenation operations, men`s facial grooming services are performed in perfect conditions of hygiene and quality. In addition, the experience itself is gentle, discreet and elegant, making any man feel at ease

Invest in your image and turn to professional facial care services. Get in touch and set up an appointment that will help you always feel great and always look great.